I don’t have WhatsApp

I am not going to tell you to quit WhatsApp,
or why I don’t have WhatsApp,
or how amazing life is without WhatsApp.

What I like to say is that you and I have a choice.
Also about the things they say “you cannot live without”.

We do have a choice.
And that is complicated,
but mostly good news.

All you need is two rabbits


Sitting outside my tent,
drinking coffee,
enjoying the silence.

Suddenly two rabbits appeared,
playfully jumping around,
enjoying the green grass.

My smile became bigger than my face.

Sometimes all you need is two rabbits.

Spam filter

Our brain has a build-in spam filter.

All these ideas we have during the day,
it takes them in,
and filters,
and throws out the ones
that were really not memorable enough.

This build-in spam filter is called forgetting.
Most people complain about it,
and for sure it has its shortcomings,
but I am glad for its work.

Self help industry

If I can convince you of a big gap,
between where you are now,
and where you really want to be,
I have successfully sold you an Enormous-ProblemⓇ.

Of course it so happens,
that with the best intentions,
I now want to help you,
and sell you my Perfect-SolutionⓇ.

Am I helping you? Or are you helping me?

I can do what you do

Smile to all the people
who say it is easy to do what you do,
who say they could also do what you do,
who say that they could even do it better.

because you know,
they might be right,
but so far you are doing it,
and they are not.

And then stop listening to them,
and keep doing what you do.

Step by step, day by day.

How is your meal?

Sometimes when you read something,
it is so much, you cannot finish your plate.

Other times when you have finished reading,
you feel full; it is enough.

My favorite times, however,
are when after reading I look around,
and wonder: “Is there more?”


Great ideas are like springboards.

They start simple.
You step on the springboard.
You walk to the end.

And then there’s room for creativity.
to jump however you want,
to create your own impact.