What if everybody…

When people don’t like a choice you make,
they sometimes say to you:

What if everybody would do the same?

Of course, that’s not going to happen.
Because not everybody
is the same, thinks the same, does the same.

So keep making your own choices.

Old movies

In the cinema of our heads
some old movies play,
again and again.

The beginning, the ending,
the stumbling, the shame.

But we can stand up,
leave our popcorn,
leave our coke,
reach out to our actors,

embrace them,
hug them,
make our peace.

Their movie has been made,
ours is still being filmed.

Horses and happiness

Two horses playing together in a meadow,
touching noses,
cuddling with their heads,
playfully biting, jumping.

I smiled,
happiness bubbling up.

But there was a journey to finish.
So I sped past on my bicycle.

After one minute
I was back at the meadow.

The journey could wait.

Investing like a turtle

We live long
So we invest for 20 years or more.

We walk in the same slow pace
So we automatically invest the same little amount every month.

We don’t pay hares to crazily run around
So we invest in passive low cost index funds.

We shield ourselves from worrying
So we only look at our investments a few times a year.