A few directions for cooked brains

Accept the reality, instead of striving for more.

Slow down, instead of speeding up.

Find laughter together, instead of more commitment alone.

Relax and rest, instead of stressing out.

Look beyond what’s in front of your nose

It can be very easy to focus and worry about what is in front of you. The things that are happening or could happen in the coming days.

However, when you focus like that, it’s so easy to worry and stress and lose sight of the bigger picture.

This reminds me of what I know about eyes. When you focus all the time with your eyes, they get hurt and strained. What helps is to go outside, to soften your eyes, and to broaden your vision.

It’s something I reminded myself of to do today. To look further and deeper and wider than what is in front of my nose.

Living from the embrace

God is behind you.
Protecting you.
Having your back.

His arms around you.
Looking together to the world before you.
Free to walk together, act together, laugh together.
Living from the embrace.

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