Grace for mistakes

Leaders make mistakes.
They make wrong choices.
They look back with regret.

What shocks me is the outrage that often follows when a leader makes a mistake.

We seem to forget that all of us make mistakes.
That making wrong choices is part of being human.
That often making mistakes is the only way to learn.

How do you want people to react to your mistakes?

Do you want them to kick you when you are already lying on the ground? Or do you want them to help you get up again?

Let’s give our leaders the same amount of grace.
Because they will continue to make mistakes.

They are no different from us.

Not all animals are turtles

This blog is about what I call ‘Turtle Thinking’.

About going slow. Purposeful. Long term.
About hiding inside your shell. Thinking. Pondering.
About living in a world that goes much faster than you are comfortable with.

I write for all turtles, and for all people who feel they could use some more turtle thinking in their world.

But I’m aware that not all animals are turtles. And not all should be.

After all, where would turtles be without hares?

You have to pick a side

You have to pick a side.

Because if you don’t, we will say that you are afraid to speak out.
Because if you don’t, we will say that you don’t care.
Because if you don’t, we will decide what your side is.
Because if you don’t, we will keep screaming at you until you do.