The strength to lose

We like to win discussions. We like to be right. We like to have things our way.

Nobody likes to lose.

But I cannot help to think that the real inner strength is not with the people who win, but with the people who can afford to lose.

Some people need to win. To validate themselves, to know who they are.
Some people already know who they are. They can choose to lose.

Creative work by sleeping

This works remarkably well for me:

  1. Concentrate a short time on your creative work.
  2. Put it aside and sleep a night on it.
  3. Pick it up the next day.

During the night, I am not consciously thinking about my creative work.

However, the unconscious part of my brain is still working on it.

I’m often amazed at the new creative ideas and solutions that pop up the next day.

Keep strong emotions away from send buttons

I was very angry. And rightly so.

So I wrote a stinging email to my manager. When I finished writing, my fingers were cramped. Smoke came out of my ears. On the screen I saw my anger in all its glory.

Just when I wanted to press send, I hesitated.

I breathed in and I breathed out.

What would happen after sending this email?

I would be relieved. But also worried about what I had written. And probably misunderstood by my manager.

After a long pause, I took the email, crumpled it up and threw it in the digital wastebasket.

Since then, I have a simple rule to protect myself: Keep strong emotions away from Send buttons.

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