What I learned while making 29 YouTube videos

Half a year ago I started a YouTube channel. Since then I have shot, edited and published 29 videos. I am amazed at how many things I learned.


  • how to talk into a camera
  • how to record high quality sound
  • how to process sound in the video editor
  • how to find and add sound effects
  • how to make J-cuts and L-cuts
  • how to use green screen
  • how to find and add music
  • how to color correct
  • how to stabilize footage
  • how to make a thumbnail
  • how to add subtitles in the video editor
  • how to find and add b-roll
  • how to set up and script longer videos
  • how to deal with the disappointment of nobody watching
  • how to deal with the excitement of suddenly many people watching
  • how to promote my videos
  • how to enjoy it all

Inspired by a Roberto Blake video I decided to ‘make 100 crappy videos’.
The best way to learn something is to do it. Curious what I will learn in the next 71 videos.

A better world

In The Netherlands we have a slogan:
“A better world starts with you.”

This sounds great, but puts the focus on the individual and his / her actions.
The way to go is to make choices for all of us collectively.

Instead of people urging to pick up garbage from the street,
we should disallow producing the garbage in the first place.