Keep the place safe

When I was a teacher, children sometimes said:
“I can say whatever I want.”

To which my reply always was:
“You can think whatever you want,
but in this classroom you cannot say whatever you want.”

It was my task to keep the classroom a safe place for all pupils.
There was no place for verbal abuse of any kind.

In the Western world, when people are not allowed to say whatever they want,
they often scream about censorship and freedom of speech.

However, what they don’t realize is that they are talking in a place where there is somebody
who is the guardian of that place and needs to keep it safe for all people.

For example, on my websites, facebook pages, youtube channel, etc. etc.,
people are not allowed to say whatever they want.

Why not? Because I like to keep the place safe for everybody.

When somebody talks garbage, I will kindly kick him or her out and give directions for the nearest garbage container.

On top of this,
if we are talking about social media,
almost all social media places online
are owned by a company,
which simply likes to make money.

They have no obligation to allow everything on their platform.
As a user you can accept their borders or go somewhere else.

It’s as simple as that.