Jesus on email marketing

Jesus tells a story of a farmer who is sowing seeds.
He talks about four kinds of results.

In email marketing I find it helpful to recognize these four kinds of results.

  1. People who do not read or receive your emails.
  2. People who sign up with enthusiasm, but lose interest quickly.
  3. People who genuinely are interested, but have too much things going on in their lives.
  4. People who stay with you and are willing to pay for the value you offer them.

In any marketing situation,
you will always have a mixed bag of these four kinds of people.
You just never know who belongs to which group.

So, just keep delivering value to all of them.
Don’t bother too much about the first three groups.
They will always be there.

Keep your word

The customer service of my internet connection promised to contact me about a technical problem.
They didn’t.

The principal that wanted to hire me for a job promised to call me back the same week.
She didn’t.

I promised to send an email before last Wednesday.
I didn’t.

I don’t like it when people do not do what they say.
It’s difficult to trust them.

Luckily there is grace. For the customer service, for the principal and for me.

And now I’m off to write this email. With an apology.