My wasted days

Some days I spend at home.
Without energy.
Doing nothing.
Feeling like the world is passing me by.
Hiding like a turtle inside its shell.

Wasted days.

Two strange things:

  1. I often create my best creative work in the days after.
  2. However many wasted days I have, my work is always finished on time.

I still don’t like them,
but I try to accept that they are there.

My wasted days.

Don’t forget to love

Yes, you have your principles.
Don’t forget to love.

Yes, you have your ideas and theories.
Don’t forget to love.

Yes, you are right.
Don’t forget to love.

Yes, it’s not fair.
Don’t forget to love.

Yes, you were hurt.
Don’t forget to love.

Don’t forget to love.

I’ve changed my opinion

Imagine that ten years from now, all your opinions are still the same.

That can only mean two things.
One: You are currently right about everything.
Two: In the coming ten years you don’t grow, you don’t develop, you learn nothing.

Mature people change their opinions. Because life happens.

Embrace this change.