No pop-ups please

Quietly and slowly,
we are reading an article on your website.


A pop-up fills the screen.
It blocks out all interesting things.
It screams to us that we really need to fill in our email address.
In return it will send us free things which we seem to need (but haven’t asked for)

In that split second of pop-upping,
you have lost your credibility.

We like to look around.
To step from article to article.
To browse through your work at our own pace.

And if it is interesting enough,
We will find a way to follow you.

As long as you don’t pop-up us.

You know that road

Is this interesting?
Will people like this?
Am I good enough?

These questions often put you on a road to dark places.
You have taken that road before.
You know where it leads.
Do you really want to go there again?