Nature vs nature documentaries

I love to be in nature. To make long walks, to sit down and look into the distance. It’s calming and invigorating.

However it is difficult for me to watch more than a few minutes of a nature documentary.

Maybe it is because of this…

In nature, 99% of the time, you see nothing happening.
In a nature documentary they show you the other 1%.

Most of life is uneventful.
Most of life just happens.
Most of life is not spectacular.
Most of life is the 99%.

I was wrong, you were right

Six difficult words.

Even in situations when this is very obvious, you often don’t need to say them.
You can just move on.

But let’s suppose you do say these six difficult words.

It shows you can discern when you are wrong.
It shows you are secure enough in yourself to be ok with being wrong.
It shows you are willing to be in open communication with the other.

And what could the result be?

Trust, respect, a willingness to have the same openness with you.

All that for only six words.

Say what you do and do what you say

In the years that I worked as a teacher for young children, we had this saying:

“Say what you do and do what you say.”

Say what you do, that is the basis for understanding.
And do what you say, that is the basis for trust.

It is no different for adults.