More information is often confusing

So, when I googled for a recipe,

I also was told that onions are really healthy
I was given information about superfoods
And I saw countless other ways to make this dish

The longer I googled, the more information I accumulated.

With a tired brain I stopped.

What to do with all this information?

Hopefully I will forget it.

Next time I will find my paper cookbook.
It gives me less information.
It gives me only the information I need.

Doing the dishes

I have no dishwasher.

No roommate who does the dishes for me.

And I have never been visited by the dishwashing fairy.

Sometimes I don’t feel like doing the dishes.
I still need to do them.

Sometimes I feel like doing the dishes.
I still need to do them.

If I don’t do the dishes, they will not get done.

Sometimes big projects are like that.

Nobody is going to do them for you.
Whether you feel like doing them doesn’t really matter.
And the best thing is to stop thinking and start doing the dishes.

People you know

It is easy to have an opinion about groups of people you do not know.
Based on race, on income, on culture, on country, on sexuality.

However that opinion often changes when you get to know somebody from such a group personally.

As an individual I try to resist forming opinions about groups. I try to get to know individuals.

It is difficult, but more real.