Don’t forget to love

Yes, you have your principles.
Don’t forget to love.

Yes, you have your ideas and theories.
Don’t forget to love.

Yes, you are right.
Don’t forget to love.

Yes, it’s not fair.
Don’t forget to love.

Yes, you were hurt.
Don’t forget to love.

Don’t forget to love.

I’ve changed my opinion

Imagine that ten years from now, all your opinions are still the same.

That can only mean two things.
One: You are currently right about everything.
Two: In the coming ten years you don’t grow, you don’t develop, you learn nothing.

Mature people change their opinions. Because life happens.

Embrace this change.

More information is often confusing

So, when I googled for a recipe,

I also was told that onions are really healthy
I was given information about superfoods
And I saw countless other ways to make this dish

The longer I googled, the more information I accumulated.

With a tired brain I stopped.

What to do with all this information?

Hopefully I will forget it.

Next time I will find my paper cookbook.
It gives me less information.
It gives me only the information I need.

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