Opinions are like arseholes

Everyone has one, and most of them stink.

This saying has been around for some time, and for good reason.

It is very easy to have a lot of opinions.

It is difficult to only have opinions about things you truly know something about.

It requires you to take an honest look at yourself and ask the question: What do I really know about this subject?

The upside is that you will start to stink less and smell nicer.

Tell less

The more you tell me, the more you think for me, the more you chew my food for me, the less I will need to be actively involved.

What if you tell me less?

Maybe I will not understand.

As long as you need to be understood, you will keep telling me more and more.

Tell me less.

Is this truly important?

Flash! Boom! Confetti! Noise! Attention! Drama!
Look at me! Be with me! Be against me!

What is not truly important, needs flash, bangs and drama to hold your attention.
What is truly important is often not loud, not in-your-face, not urgent. But it is… truly important.

When you feel something or someone or some cause asking you for their attention, pause.

Is this truly important?