The road to success: Tortoise

Hello listeners!

Today in our short 2-minute special ‘The Road to Success’ we have a very special guest. He will give us his secrets of success, so that we can also be amazingly successful!

I’m here with Tortoise. Yesterday he raced against Hare, and won! Tortoise, what is your secret?

Well. A secret? Nothing was secret. The road was not secret. I knew where the finish was, I

Ah! A finish, a clear goal! The first secret of success! And what was your strategy?

Uhm. To walk. Uhm. I just kept on walking.

Brilliant! Fantastic!

To be a top performer like you, you must have great health. What is your diet like?

I eat greens.

We would love to hear more, but unfortunately time is up.

Thank you for listening to ‘The Road to Success’. Tortoise gave us his secrets, so now we can also be amazingly successful. Remember: Have a goal, eat greens and keep on walking!

The mail: pure magic

‘I love you.’

I got up and walked to the post office.

One moment I hesitated. Then, a leap of faith: I dropped the letter in the mail container. It disappeared.

I believe that it will reappear. In a city, 2500km from here. In the mailbox of an apartment.

She will find it. She will open it. She will read my words.

Pure magic.

How to become rich

  1. Did you eat and drink each day of the last month?
  2. Are you wearing clothes without holes in them?
  3. Do you have a place you call home?
  4. Do you have access to hospitals and schools?

How to become rich?

What if you already are?