The world will keep on turning

Almost all of the world does not need you to keep on turning.

It doesn’t need you to know about it.
It doesn’t need you to understand it.
It just keeps on turning.

A very, very, very little part of the world does need you to keep on turning.
That’s the important part. That’s were all the love, the care, the joy and the life happens.

So all the rest? It will keep on turning without you.
It’s not waiting for you.

Is that frustrating or a relief?

You don’t know

In the middle of a crisis, some people seem to know everything.

They know who is right, they know who is wrong.
They know who is to blame, they know who can save us.
They know what will happen if we do X and they know what will happen if we do Y.

But dear know-it-alls, we hear your fear. It’s bleeding through your words.

Your fear of the unknown.

I don’t know

“I don’t know.”

Maybe it is the most honest answer to the best questions.

Google will never give you this answer. People might turn away and ask their question elsewhere. So it will always come up with endless suggestions and ideas.

A good “I don’t know”, followed by an uncomfortable silence.

Can you feel the space? The space that just opened up? The space for more questions, for learning, for discoveries?

Next time, don’t be Google. Try this:

Deep breath.

“I don’t know.”

Uncomfortable silence.