How to become rich

  1. Did you eat and drink each day of the last month?
  2. Are you wearing clothes without holes in them?
  3. Do you have a place you call home?
  4. Do you have access to hospitals and schools?

How to become rich?

What if you already are?

You can’t change the world

Imagine you are the one person responsible for change in the world. All change.

Are you up for the job? No, you are not. It’s too much!

You can’t effect all change in all the world.

What you can do, is change things in your little world. That part of the world that does not keep on turning without you.

To love, to care, to inspire, in that little part of the world. It might lead to a bigger change than you realize.

The world will keep on turning

Almost all of the world does not need you to keep on turning.

It doesn’t need you to know about it.
It doesn’t need you to understand it.
It just keeps on turning.

A very, very, very little part of the world does need you to keep on turning.
That’s the important part. That’s were all the love, the care, the joy and the life happens.

So all the rest? It will keep on turning without you.
It’s not waiting for you.

Is that frustrating or a relief?

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