Numbers that matter

The number
of Twitter followers,
of Facebook friends,
of LinkedIn connections,
of YouTube subscribers,
of Instagram followers.

They all seem to matter.

But do you know,
that you are the one who decides
whether these numbers matter to you?

The virus of fear and loneliness inside

Stay at home, was the order. There is a virus going around.

I met my old neighbor at the entrance of our apartment building.

She couldn’t walk very far.
All the coffeehouses were closed,
her social life had come to a complete halt.

She told me she was watching television all day. It didn’t cheer her up.

“I don’t think it will end. I don’t think we will be okay again.”

We talked.

I went home.

Yes, there was a virus going around outside.
But what about the virus of fear and loneliness inside?

Falling into holes

The road of life is full of holes.
And you will regularly fall into one.

What does a turtle do?
He asks help if needed,
slowly crawls out of the hole,
and starts walking again.

Step by step, day by day.