Ten years

Somebody told me that it would take ten years
to become a decent storyteller.
And that’s what I wanted to be,
like the storytellers of hundreds of years ago.

So in 2009 I put up a note on my wall, which said:

2009-2019 Becoming a Storyteller Wordsmith

Nowadays, I earn my living as a professional storyteller.
A long journey, filled with ups and downs.

In ten years, you can do so much more than you think.

Keep going

I told stories on Youtube that you cannot find anymore.
I wrote articles that are not online anymore.
I built websites that don’t exist anymore
I wrote stories that are not read anymore.

I have quit so many projects,
but I am very glad I did them anyway.
Because without all these experiences,
I would not be where I am today.

Keep creating,
Keep failing,
Keep learning,
Keep going.

Love those that disagree

I see normal, friendly people,
wishing hateful things
for people they disagree with.

It reminds me
that it is easy to love your friends,
everybody can do it,
but that it is difficult to love your enemies.

Let’s wish the best for all people.
Not only for those that agree with us.