Online laziness

Social media, emails, WhatsApp.
I’m surprised about the questions people sometimes ask,
too lazy to do some Googling themselves.

Yesterday somebody asked me a question on Reddit,
which was very easily asked,
but would take me time and work to answer.

And then I realized…
In real-life conversations, I don’t answer every question.
I am free to do the same with emails, messages, and questions online.

So from now on, I will turn it around
and only answer comments, questions, and mails I like to answer.

Because after all,
I am in control of my time and energy,
regardless of the online laziness of people throwing questions at me.

Special times

We all seem to think that we live in special, extraordinary times.
However, for thousands of years, people have thought the same about their times.

So yes, we live in special, extraordinary times.
And so did they.


Say it with contentment
Say it with relief
Say it with defiance
Say it with comfort


End of content

End of content