How to not notice sounds

The more you notice a sound,
the more you notice a sound.

But how to reverse this?
I don’t know.

You can’t stop noticing,
when you notice.
But you can breathe.
Say to yourself that it’s ok.
And turn to something else.

I’m struggling with noticing too many sounds
from my neighbor.

So this is an ongoing process for me.

Talk to yourself

Do you talk to yourself?

It can help you
to get out of your head,
to remind yourself of the truth,
to choose the words that you will speak,
from and into the unclarity of your mind.

Just remind yourself of the truth,
preferably out loud.

Are you afraid?

We are not rational beings.

Below the surface of our reasoning,
all kinds of things bubble and ferment.

What fears and insecurities are there
influencing your thoughts and actions?

If you dare to ask, you might get to know
the influences that live there anyway.