Your capacity to care is limited

Some of us have a bigger capacity to care, others a smaller one.
But for all of us, it is true that we cannot care about everything.

Of all your capacity to care, a big part goes to things and people close to you.
What is left is the capacity to care for things far, far away.

Before television and the internet brought all wars and disasters straight into our rooms,
there were only a few disastrous things we knew of and could care about.

Nowadays, there are too many wars and disasters to care about them all.
Luckily, the media have solved this problem.
We are supposed to focus our care on the issues featured in the media.
The other ones, we can conveniently forget without feeling guilty about it.

Of course, this is not the way.
It is ok for us not to care about what is framed as the ‘conflict of the moment.’
Instead, we can care about the things and people around us, like humanity always did.
And we can care about a few things far, far away, preferably ones that we choose and can influence.

In short:
Our capacity to care is limited, and that’s normal.
We don’t need to care about something because it is front and center in the media.
We can choose the things we care about and can influence.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible.